St. John's Church

27 Horns Drove, SO16 8AH

Our church family worships in this lovely Victorian church built in 1855, and extended in 1885. Here is a link to a plan of the church in 1869. There is a variety of services provided to suit young and old alike, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

At 8:00am there is a traditional Book of Common Prayer service.

At 10:00am there is a variety of services. On the first Sunday of each month we have a service of 'all age worship' when we all worship together: on other Sundays our young people will join us for part of the service, and then join their own groups. Music at these services is provided either by the organ or by a band. 

There is also a variety of services provided at 6:30pm again with music provided by the organ or a band. On first Sundays in summer (May-September) our 6.30 service is at St Boniface Church.

We try to open the church every weekday (Mon-Fri) morning from 9am to 11am.

Check out the services page for more details.


One Sunday morning I was sitting in church with my family. I was staring up at the big stained glass window over the altar. I thought about the picture and realised that it resembles the story of many people's lives. At the bottom there is fresh water and grass: there are also rocks and stones. Life is full of good things but also includes things to trip us up. In the picture is the risen Jesus and a river that could represent us being baptised. If you follow Jesus and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, which I think is represented by the doves, you can move upwards. 

As you move up the window and grow in your faith, you get closer to GOD. At the top of the window is the crown of God - Heaven.  

Why don’t you have a good look at the window whenever you get the chance. Can you see your journey of life in the window ?

Rob Wills, 1997, aged 9