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Follow this link for 'Our churches for your wedding' leaflet           and on this link a video presentation

Thank you for considering one of our churches for your special day. We have 2 churches in our parish, St. John's, Rownhams (seating 150) & St. Boniface Nursling (seating 100).  

Marriage (as defined in the bible - the union of a man and a woman, entered into for life) within our churches is possible for single or widowed people. If either the bride or groom have been divorced we can usually offer a service of marriage blessing, and sometimes a remarriage, depending on the circumstances of the divorce and some other factors. Please contact the parish office for further information - 023 8073 8293.

You may well know that there are rules about which parish churches a couple can legally marry in. Basically you can marry in one of our churches if any of the following applies to at least one of you:-
  (a) you live in the parish (see map) or you or a parent did live here for at least 6 months in your lifetime;
  (b) you were baptised (christened) or confirmed here;
  (c) a parent or grandparent was married here;
  (d) you or a parent in your lifetime have regularly attended services here for a 6 month period or more;

  (e) one of the above is true for Lordshill Parish
  (f) you are willing to attend services here at least once a month, for at least 6 months prior to the wedding.



The wedding service we normally use is the 2000 Common Worship one, but we do offer 1662 Book of Common Prayer (the much older form used at the Royal Wedding) as an option - please feel free to ask the Vicar about this.  Please note that in Common Worship you can still have the traditional version of the Lord's Prayer.

Do have a look at this Church of England website link which provides useful information and planning tools for your wedding

We allow 1.5 hours between starts of weddings, with a maximum of 3 per day. Except in very unusual circumstances we do not do weddings on a Sunday.

In 2019 the minimum cost is £489 (if you use an mp3 player/phone for music and do not need heating) while the more elaborate service is in the region of £815, but the exact amount will depend on a number of choices which we can discuss with you directly.

The time table for a wedding is normally:-

Wedding Enquiry  Form
Bridegroom's details (full name & nationality):

         Single     Widowed     Divorced


Bride's details (full name & nationality):

         Single     Widowed     Divorced

Do either bride or groom live in the parish? 
If yes please enter address below if different from Best Contact details
If no, do either the bride or groom have a close relative (e.g. parent, aunt, uncle etc.) who lives in the parish?
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Preferred Church: 
St Johns Rownhams   

St. Boniface Nursling
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Other Requirements or comments:

When you submit an enquiry you should receive an acknowledgement within 3 days.
If you do not then please contact the parish office on 023 8073 8293